Vancouver Squeezebox Circle

Since March of 2007, Rowan and Bruce from Accordion Noir Radio along with Alan Zisman have hosted a monthly get-together to bring squeezebox enthusiasts together in a room to demonstrate variances among their instruments, share hard-earned technical, historical, technological and musical knowledge with newer players, and learn and perform squeezebox music solo and together.

In the group’s third month, Rowan was invited to discuss the Squeezebox Circle on the CBC’s Early Edition program with Rick Cluff.  A community concert was held celebrating 10 years of the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle on March 16th, 2017.

Currently the group congregates monthly, from 8-10 pm the first Thursday of every month, at Spartacus Books (3378 Findlay St.)

As an avenue for community outreach, several participants in this circle perform in the Squeezebox Circle Orchestra.

The group maintains a monthly e-mail list of over a hundred local accordion fans to notify them of exciting nearby concerts and local opportunities to share their music or buy or sell instruments. Alan Zisman has taken on administration of an ancillary website, , where all this information and more (including a bustling event calendar and directories for local teachers) is compiled and made available to any curious parties.

The Vancouver Squeezebox Circle also maintains a Facebook group.

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